Do you support Sailing & want more people to try it out?

Sailing – I love sailing.

When I was a child my Grandmother sent me to a sailing camp, where every day we sailed Lasers, and a couple additional boats, and I was hooked. I wish more people would experience the joy and excitement you can by being out on the water, harnessing the power of the wind.

Today, I was poking around kickstarter & starting reading through sailing related projects. I came to this one where a guy has been recording his trips on the open sea. Now he wants to edit them together & share it with others. He has a couple days left & lacks about $500 from his goal.

I know many people who want there to be more people to try out sailing & want more content focused on sailing.

Please do two things:

1. Consider supporting this project – this can be pledging money, or telling others about it that might be interested. At least go watch the videos on the project pages [ main & updates ]

2. let me know if you would like a site that collects both media around sailing & projects like this.

I’ve had a domain name for a while & would be willing to put in a little work if others would like to know about sailing focused audio, video and text. Leave me a comment if you are interested.


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    Just a note: With Kickstarter projects, if the goal is not meet – no money leaves your account if you pledge.

    I expect that this project will reach the goal of $1,000, but a key quesiton is will you support this project with a pledge or if not, what type of Sailing Media projects would you support?

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